Dear Fundraising Organization,

We are honored to be among the many businesses that have been offered the opportunity to support your very worthwhile charitable endeavor. As you might imagine, we are frequently asked to support charitable purposes of all types. Therefore, due to the overwhelming number of requests, we have set up the following new guidelines. We thank you for taking the time to review and follow them.

Donation requests must be submitted in writing 60 days prior to the event – no exceptions please. In order for us to process the requests, we ask that ALL requests be on your organization’s letterhead and include your name, the organization’s name and include a copy of your  501(c)(3) certificate. Please give a brief description of your event, what participation you are requesting from Ruiz (the more specific the better) and how you see our participation benefiting the organization and Ruiz. All donations given to fundraising organizations in previous years must resubmit a request for each event they are scheduled to have. Donations will not automatically be given out for each event and will always fall under the same review process.

Requests are reviewed once a week. Please allow two weeks for a response. We do not make monetary donations, and we will now work with a budgeted amount of donations to give out to specific events and fundraisers. These donations will be given in the form of gift cards for services and/or products. We ask that requests be addressed to The Donation Committee and SENT VIA MAIL and E-MAIL ONLY. 

E-mail to:

Letters must be personally addressed to:

Ruiz Salon
“The Donation Committee”
223 W Anderson Lane
Suite B400
Austin, Texas 78752

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